Dental practice Famidental – professional dental care for the whole family

Famidental is a family-run dental practice located in Oława in Dolnośląskie voivodship. Our activity is dedicated to children, grown-ups, and elderly patients – every member of your family may benefit from our comprehensive dental treatment.

Our offer covers different fields of dentistry, such as:

  • conservative dentistry with endodontics,
  • orthodontics,
  • dental surgery,
  • dental prosthetics,
  • paediatric dentistry,
  • implantology,
  • teeth whitening.

Our patients may also benefit from our services in roentgenodiagnostics – you may have performed a panoramic radiography or a CT scan of your teeth and of surrounding tissues.

Upon the request of the patient, all procedures may be performed with the use of The Wand device or of the QuickSleeper device which guarantee a painless, computer-assisted anaesthesia.

Friendly dentists with perennial experience in Famidental – Oława

FamiDental does not only mean the highest quality of dental services (confirmed by a number of certificates), but also a friendly atmosphere of our dental practice. Trust the dentists with extensive experience and expertise – contact us via telephone or e-mail, or register on-line, and come to your first appointment!