About dental practice Fimidental in Oława


Famidental is a dental clinic located in Oława. Our offer is dedicated to all patients regardless their age.

We offer to our patients:

  • conservative treatment,
  • endodontic treatment under microscope,
  • implants,
  • orthodontic treatment,
  • prosthetic treatment,
  • paediatric treatment,
  • surgical treatment.


Apart from the above mentioned procedures, we offer as well teeth whitening with the aid of innovative BEYOND® technology, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, and some roentgenodiagnostic examinations including CT scans or panoramic dental X-rays.


Modern image of family dentistry – Famidental

All diagnostic examinations and procedures are performed with the use of state-of-the-art, specialist equipment. During the root canal treatment our dentists use dental microscopes which improve precision, and in consequence the quality of treatment. Our team is built of experts who have gained their experience in the field of dentistry for many years. They have both professional knowledge and appropriate approach to the patients, which is extremely useful in patients with dental phobia.

In our clinic you will receive professional care of not only the aesthetics but also of the health of your teeth. What is more, you will be given some tips on how to take care of your teeth in the future, and on how to prevent their diseases. Should you or one of your family members visit a dentist, come to Famidental in Oława!