Orthodontic appliances and implants – the way to a beautiful smile in Famidental


A beautiful and usually healthy smile is our flagship feature, notwithstanding the age. The teeth belong to those human anatomic structures which are the most vulnerable to the negative effects of poor hygiene. That is why it is so crucial to take care of our teeth at every stage of our lives. Famidental practice offers a wide range of examinations and procedures including effective methods of teeth treatment in children, adults, and elderly patients.

We specialise in the following areas of dentistry:

  • conservative dentistry and endodontics – we are involved in caries prophylaxis and in treatment of the existing carious lesions with the use of the top level materials, and if necessary, of the root canal treatment, including procedures under a microscope,
  • paediatric dentistry (pedodontics) – in addition to teaching children on how to take care of their teeth, we offer sealing, varnishing, filling of primary teeth, as well as many activities aiming to prevent tooth decay and malocclusion. If necessary, we put on fixed and removable orthodontic appliances,
  • orthodontics – this is a branch of dentistry concentrating on the treatment and on the correction of malpositioned teeth. We put on fixed ligature or non-ligature braces, and removable orthodontic appliances. In our offer you will also find clear, invisible teeth aligners Invisalign®.
  • implantology – before treating the patients, a CT scan is done on site to obtain a comprehensive image of the structure of their dentition. The missing teeth are reconstructed with titanium implants which serve afterwards as the base for crowns, bridges or dentures. The patients who are excluded from the immediate implantation due to little volume of the bone undergo the treatment called guided bone regeneration or maxillary sinus lift. This tooth reconstruction provides a long-lasting aesthetic effect and improves the mechanics of mastication impaired by missing teeth.
  • protetyka – zajmujemy się odtwarzaniem pierwotnych warunków zgryzowych oraz poprawą estetyki uśmiechu: zakładamy licówki ceramiczne, korony protetyczne, mosty, protezy szkieletowe oraz protezy oparte na implantach, które są alternatywą dla protez tradycyjnych,
  • dental surgery – within this field of dentistry our offer includes, but is not limited to: surgical tooth extraction (including wisdom teeth), root tip resection, GBR (guided bone regeneration), and gingivoplasty,
  • roentgenodiagnostics – we perform on the spot panoramic X-rays embracing the whole dentition, cephalometric X-rays, and dental CT scans,
  • aesthetic dentistry – we can bleach your teeth using various methods, including the newest BEYOND® technology which consists of meticulous oxidation of teeth discolorations.


Dental prosthetics and paediatric dentistry – Famidental’s offer


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