Oława entodoncja

Conservative dentistry and root canal treatment – dental services provided by Famidental

Luckily, the times when an unhealthy tooth was immediately extracted are long gone – the main goal of modern dentistry is to keep as many of our own teeth in our mouth as possible. Here are the procedures of conservative dentistry provided by the family-run dental practice Famidental:

  • checkups including the caries prophylaxis,
  • treatment of dental carries,
  • reconstruction of dental tissues with the top level light-cured filling materials,
  • endodontic (root canal) treatment.

The advanced root canal treatment helps to preserve the teeth which until recently had been doomed to extraction. It consists of removing the infected pulp from the diseased tooth, and careful cleaning of the chamber and of the root canals followed afterwards with sealing the canals with suitable materials. The newest technologies applied by Famidental’s dentists help to minimize the pain associated with the root canal treatment, and to carry out nearly every step of the procedure in one visit.

Root canal treatment under microscope – modern dentistry without pain

In order to increase the quality of our service we use a dental microscope for filling in the root canals. The microscope permits to see far more details than a naked eye that is why the use of microscope helps to decrease the number of complications related to the endodontic treatment. In the past, the procedure used to be long and painful. Nowadays, with the use of microscope, it is faster, more efficient, and painless. Root canal treatment under microscope is particularly useful in difficult cases, such as:

  • endodontic retreatment,
  • removal of broken tools from the inside of the canal,
  • atypical tooth anatomy and curved root canals,
  • search for narrow, obliterated root canals.


Visit a dentist in Famidental in Oława and enjoy your natural teeth as long as possible!