Oława protetyka

Effective tooth reconstruction in Famidental – dental prosthetics

The aim of dental prosthetics is to reconstruct the lost tooth tissues with the aid of fixed or removable prosthetic restorations in order to improve the aesthetics of one’s face, and to restore deteriorated masticatory function and sound articulation. We have to keep in mind that every loss, even of a single tooth, deteriorates the balance of the chewing organ and should be immediately filled up. This way we may prevent all abnormalities of the dental system.

The family-run dental practice Famidental offers, especially to elderly patients, a wide range of prosthetic solutions, e.g.:

  • ceramic veneers – prosthetic elements cemented to the labial tooth surface; they permit to change the length, the shape, and the colour of your teeth, which considerably improves their overall aesthetics.
  • zirconia crowns – prosthetic restorations replacing deteriorated tooth’s crown; they are used in the case of severe dental caries, broken tooth’s crown or severe discolouration. Before a prosthetic crown is placed, a tooth X-ray is taken on site in order to check if your tooth needs some reinforcement with a post and core.

  • prosthetic bridges – false teeth restoring the gaps between natural patient’s teeth; they are made of prosthetic crowns attached onto the abutment teeth with a retainer.
  • dentures – partial or full, used only in patients with a sufficient number of natural teeth. They are mounted on special brackets which ensure stability of the dentures, and prevent the natural teeth from moving. Famidental offers acrylic, acetal, and nylon dentures.
  • implant-supported dentures – the implants are small, titanium bolts grafted into the bone to replace the tooth root. We offer porcelain or ceramic dentures whose tint may be customised to the tint of your natural teeth.

FamiDental offers many ways to get straight, white, and healthy teeth: register on-line or by telephone, and come to your consultation visit!