Painless tooth extraction in Famidental


Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth – dental surgery in Famidental

The range of dental surgery treatments performed in Famidental in Oława is very wide. The most frequent procedures carried out by our dentists include:

  • tooth extractions,
  • root tip resections,
  • uncovering of impacted teeth in the arch,
  • bone regeneration for implants,
  • maxillary sinus lift,
  • hemisection,
  • elongation of clinical crowns,
  • gingival surgery.

Emerging of the wisdom teeth, i.e. human teeth that may appear even at the age of 35, is one of the problems that are troublesome to our patients. Luckily, you can benefit from our offer and extract your wisdom tooth surgically. The wisdom teeth are the most posterior teeth in our mouth, so the access to them is quite difficult. Incorrect hygiene often leads to tooth decay and to other complications. Prevent them and make an appointment in Famidental!