Oława ortodoncja

Orthodontics in Famidental – make your teeth straight and beautiful!

Orthodontics deals with maxillo-facial defects, and corrects teeth and jaws that are malpositioned. Straight teeth and irregular bite do not only affect our aesthetic appearance but also physical comfort. It is never too late for orthodontic treatment, that is why Famidental invites children, adolescents, and adults to come and have their teeth controlled. A beautiful and healthy smile is the best ornament of every single human being.
Our dental practice offers a wide range of orthodontic services. During the first diagnostic visit, the dentist develops a treatment plan and estimates its duration. The most popular method of correcting malocclusion in children is based on removable appliances that are usually worn at night; however their performance depends on patient’s self-discipline and regularity of use.


Orthodontic appliances for children and adults from Famidental in Oława

The adolescents and adults are recommended to wear fixed appliances, including:

  • Fixed braces with ligatures – they consist of brackets bonded to the facial surface of each tooth, and of an archwire tied to all brackets with colourless or colourful elastic bands (ligatures). The bonds should be replaced every month to ensure the overall efficacy of the treatment.
  • Fixed braces without ligatures – as their name shows, these braces are free of elastic bands (ligatures). Every bracket has a metal door which holds the archwire in place. Thanks to self-ligating braces, it is possible to eliminate the friction.

In our dental practice the patients have an extensive choice of metal, gold, or sapphire brackets – the last ones being the least visible.

In addition, they may choose the Invisalign® method of treatment based on the advanced technology of 3D imaging, and teeth straightening with the aid of removable, clear aligners. Thanks to individually customised aligners, it is undoubtedly the most aesthetic form of orthodontic treatment; nonetheless it cannot be applied to all bite abnormalities. During the first visit ask our specialist weather it is possible to apply this method of treatment. Famidental invites everyone to a consultation visit!