Oława stomatologia dziecięca

Paediatric dentistry – care for the smile of your child with Famidental

Paediatric dentistry, called also pedodontics, is a separate branch of dentistry dealing with the care and treatment of the youngest patients. It covers the period which begins when the first milk teeth appear, and ends when they are replaced by permanent teeth.

There are few parents aware of the fact that the first years of their child’s life are extremely important not only for the condition of his or her primary teeth, but also for the future of the child’s permanent teeth. This is because for more than six years children have mixed dentition in their mouths: primary teeth and permanent teeth coexist together. Hence, it is obvious that the condition of primary teeth has strong influence on emerging permanent teeth.

Milk teeth are less mineralized than permanent teeth that is why tooth decay develops very fast in little children. Untreated, it leads to purulent complications, pain, need for antibiotics, premature tooth extraction, bite problems, and ultimately to severe disorders in the child’s general condition.

Stressless visit to a dentist – paediatric dentistry in Oława

Famidental offers, but is not limited to, the following paediatric dental treatment:

  • putting on orthodontic appliances, mainly removable,
  • treatment of dental carries,
  • tooth sealing,
  • tooth varnishing with special preparations containing fluorine,
  • education related to individual oral hygiene.

Family-run dental practice Famidental is entirely adapted to treat children’s teeth – we apply specialized treatment techniques, we use appropriate materials, and what is extremely important, we know how to work with little patients, especially with those who are afraid of dental chair.

Care for healthy smile of your child and bring him or her to FamiDental for regular checkups.