Oława rentgenodiagnostyka

Dental 3D and other services – roentgenodiagnostics in Famidental

In our family-run dental practice Famidental we can take a periapical radiograph of a single tooth, panoramic radiographs (embracing the whole dentition), cephalometric radiographs (used mainly in orthodontics), and dental CT scans (enabling to get a 3D image). We work with Kodak® and Planmeca® devices. The images taken in our dental practice allow fast and accurate evaluation of the dental condition. It is highly convenient because the patients may have all diagnostic procedures done on site.

If you have a prescription from any other dental practice, you can easily have your radiography done in Famidental within 30 minutes (it is recommended to register previously by telephone). The patients receive their radiographs onto a CD-ROM drive, film, or high-quality printouts.