Oława wybielanie zębów

Tooth whitening – offer of Famidental in Oława

Dental practice Famidental offers to its patients various methods of tooth whitening performed under control of the dentist. Tooth whitening highly improves the aesthetics of the teeth, and permits to change several tones in their colour. The specialist BEYOND® technique applied in our dental practice uses the lamp BEYOND® to whiten the teeth. This method consists of accurate oxidation of tooth stains with the use of active oxygen. It is completely safe for the patients and, what is the most important, it does not affect the tooth structure. You need only one visit to considerably enhance the aesthetics of your smile as the outcome is immediate. However, please remember that the whitening procedure should follow a previous dental visit, during which the condition of both teeth and periodontium is evaluated, and a hygiene treatment is performed. The effectiveness of the BEYOND® system is by 30 percent higher than the effectiveness of other whitening methods.

There are few patients aware of the fact that it is possible to bleach single dead teeth which have darkened due to lack of vitality. This treatment is especially recommended for front teeth where change in colour strongly reduces the aesthetics of smiling. In our dental practice we also prepare individually customized whitening caps. The unquestionable advantage of these caps is the possibility to reuse them many times. Once the whitening preparation is bought, the patient can bleach his teeth by himself at home for a couple of years.